NPWT dressing kit:
Including black or white PU foam, tubes with the pad, adhesive film, I/Y connector, clip.

The size for blackwhite PU foam: 5 * 5 * 3 cm; 10 * 7 * 3 cm, 15 * 5 * 3 cm,15 * 10 * 3 cm, 20 * 10 * 3 cm,

20 * 15 * 3 cm (customed), 25 * 15 * 3 cm (customed), 30*20*3cm (customed);

The length of tube: 30cm/60cm/180cm ; diameter of tube: 4mm-6mm/8mm-10mm

The size for adhesive film: 30*20cm / 35*25cm
Medical Antibacterial Foam For Female
Specification: 30g/bottle/box
It forms a molecular-level invisible film on the vaginal mucosa, which on the one hand protects the vaginal mucosa from new foreign pathogenic microorganisms.
Gynecological inflammation and other common diseases until healing.
Caesarean section/trans-abdominal surgery/perineal lateral incision and postpartum care.
Umbilical and breech care for new borns.
Medical waterproof liquid bandage
pecification: 20ml/45ml/bottle/box
Shelf life: 3Years
Main function:
1; Film forming inhition, moisturizing, breathable.
2; Protection, antibacterial and repair scars.
3; Stop bleeding, relieve pain
4; Directly spray the wound without the need for saline water.
5; Not limited by the wound size, convenient for wound observation.
6; Disinfect first and then sterilize to prevent infection from closed wounds and prevent infection.
7; Comfortable to use, unlimited joint movement.
Gynecology Antibacterial Gel
Specification: 3g/stick*3sticks/box
Main ingredients: povidone iodine, glycerin, potassium iodide, postassium iodate, etc.
Medical functional dressing is a new biological topical antibacterial repair material researched by serveral famous experts. It is has the functions of broad-spectrum antibacterial and promoting the repair and regeneration of damaged tissues, inhibiting and repairing scar, relieving pain and stopping bleeding.
Compound peptide Acne Essence water(180ml)
Compound peptide Acne cream(30g)
Complex peptide Acne serum(30ml)
Complex peptide Acne Mask (5pcs set)
Medical Facial Mask
Model: round type
specification: 25g*5tablets/box
Blue copper peptide, hyaluronic acid, epidermal cell growth factor, oat dextran, allantoin.
Class I medical devices
Safte and non-additive
unique formula, moisturizing
safer for special people to use
Compound peptide acne cream
Specification: 30g/bottle
Product ingredients:
Acetyl hexapeptide-8 ( skin barrier enhancement )
Myostatin ( Skin whitening and barrier repair )
Oligopeptide ( high penetration, fast absorption )
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