Medicative scar paster
Specification: 15g
Package: 1pcs/bag/box
Product features:
1, Perfectly fit the skin, without any dead space.
2, Precise release of silicone oil to maximize the efficiency of ingredients.
3, Mimic the skin characteristics, forming an occluded water and environment, facilitating the passage of oxygen.
4, Repair scars.
Production Name: Alginate Dressing
Size: 10*10cm and others sizes
Sterile R/EO
Package: 1pcs/bag; 10pcs/box
Alginate dressing is a highly absorbent dressing, ideally designed for superficial and cavity wounds with moderately to heavily exuding. The alginate absorb large amount of exudates, guaranteeing the moisture environment, and transforms hydrophilic hydrogel when contacting with exudates, promoting to stop bleeding and heal.
Medical Chitosan Wound Dressing
Specification: 6*10cm
Type: Non-adhesive & Sterile
Composition: the non-adhesive type of chitosan dressing consists of a chitosan dressing cushion.
Application: For use in general surgical wound. only for superficial wounds in the superficial dermis and above.
For single use only
Shelf life: 2 years
Hydrocolloid oil gauze is composed of homogeneous polyester fiber, vanadine, and hydrocolloid particles ( sodium carboxymethylcellulose , i.e. CMC )
It is sterilized and individually packed in a plastic bag, 10pcs/box.
It is suitable for low to heavily exuding chronic and acute wound care.
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