Negative pressure wound therapy system for foot diabetic

Rainhome offer negative pressure wound therapy device with dressing kit for Wound Care Center to therapy foot diabetic wounds on 25 this month, 2022.

Rainhome NPWT system is a safe, efficacious, and cost-effective treatment for diabetic foot wounds, and it can make the wounds healing well, faster healing rates at a lesser cost. Negative pressure wound therapy system has been successfully used as a treatment for diabetic foot ulceration.

Negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) involves applying a controlled sub-atmospheric pressure environment across the surface of a wound in an airtight dressing. A pump is used to maintain negative pressure, usually between -75 and -125 mmHg, in a countinuse, consistent or intermittent manner. Rainhome NPWT system can promote wound healing, which is through increasing local perfusion, eliminating tissue edema, drawing wound edges together, removing exudates and proinflammatory cytokines, inhibiting bacterial growth, and promoting cell hyperplasia.

Rainhome NPWT consists of a black/white foam dressing, drainage tube with pad, adhesive film and a suction pump. 

Rainhome NPWT can be an effective adjunctive for foot diabetic wounds when used appropriately and with effective wound bed preparation. The benefits of the therapy are well reported in the literature and although evidence, NPWT continues to be consistently and widely used, including in foot diabetic wounds.

NPWT system

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